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Telling stories is at the heart of our community, the world needs stories, almost as much as nourishment, shelter, and companionship. Your story may permeate someone’s soul.  Your story can move and motivates them and give a sense of purpose. It is the very thing that may feed their inner self to heal and rise above their suffering. It can be a powerful gift to your reader or listener. 

Join The Lemonade Stand Community Facebook Group. This group was created to provide the positive and enthusiastic engagement created to inspire you to tell your story.  Sharing your story creates a personal connection and trust between the you and your community. Therefore, it serves an important role in both your personal and professional life. Storytelling is the heritage of mankind. The foundation of history, legends, and genealogy.  If you have a story and you want help crafting and a platform to share it on join our group to connect with others who share your goal, provide encouragement, and inspiration.

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"As a member of our community, you become a part of a tribe that loves, respects, and hungers for potent narratives that influence our journeys."
​- Michelle Faust, Founder

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