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Marketing for your book should start 4-6 months before the release date.  Create and build your promotional channels, build engagement, and position yourself as the authority with this FREE guide to help you brainstorm 100 ways to promote your book.  

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Why Choose Lemonade Legend Publishing?

Lemonade Legend Publishing offers extended marketing, promotion, and exposure to highlight the author and their book and the contribution they bring to the literary world.      

We do this at a significant value. We start with you well in advance of publication and stay with you for at least 6 months to maximize exposure.

Tell Your Story

Lemonade Legend specializes in amplifying the voice of people who have experienced breakthrough moments in their life. 

Turning lemons to lemonade. We create this media exposure through a podcast, an upcoming TV series, and print publication of books and magazines. The podcast features individuals who have a powerful vision that is stronger than their fear. 

Lemonade Legend provides exposure to create a brand for their strength and courage.

Agent Orange Broken DNA By Maryam Martinez
Agent Orange Broken DNA By Maryam Martinez
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Magnet of Madness by Joric McLean
Magnet of Madness by Joric McLeanes
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Lemonade Legend Publishing operates under the main business of Lemonade Legend. Already, there are 4 books slated for release in the coming months. Titles include 

  • Agent Orange Broken DNA – The Enemy Within by Maryam Martinez
  • Magnet of Madness (working title) by Joric McLean
  • Suicide & Sequins – A Journey of Joyous Hope by Jenny Debolt
  • The Lemonade Stand Book #2 by Michelle Faust and the Lemonade Crew.