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Michelle Faust, Founder

Hi!  I'm Michelle, a story telling strategist and founder of Lemonade Legend.  I am on a mission to give people a voice, share their stories, and elevate them above the conventional noise. My goal is to connect people with their stories and their stories with the world!

I am in a constant state of evolution, which is great! Evolution is all about learning and shaping who we are. I am in the midst of rebranding as a result of shifting the clients I serve, I specialize in amplifying the voice of people who have experienced breakthrough moments in their life. Turning lemons to lemonade. I do this through content writing, podcasts, and promotional books. 

One of my current projects is a collaborative book by women who have a powerful vision that is stronger than their fear. Most people operate with some level of fear dictating their actions. The Lemonade Stand is a book about defeating fear and attaining your goals. Prior to this I worked in a traditional corporate career in pharmaceuticals, made good money and established myself as a top sales performer for 20 years. That earned me a pink slip, along with half of my division, as we no longer fit in their image of the company. We had aged out of the demand in pharma of youth and cheap inexperience. So, I became an avid student of life and business, I surrounded myself with leaders in the entrepreneurial world and learned to turn my life long passion for writing along with my business skill and I created Lemonade Legend. I specialize in a messaging built around helping businesses to be heard and their voices elevated by sharing their unique experiences and successful life turn arounds. 

As a Breakthrough Content Writing Specialist I help businesses to optimize their message, brand and written content. Then I connect them to their specific target market. I love to connect people, whether through the power and beauty of the written word or through a stimulating guest experience on my podcast, Lemonade Legend. I support this mission by offering content through ebooks, social posts, blogs and hosting my podcast, which celebrates the voice of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have tackled lemons and created amazing versions of lemonade opportunities. Ask me about my podcast memberships.

Platforms for sharing includes her own anthropology: The Lemonade Stand Series, Publishing Services, Lemonade Legend Magazine, and Lemonade Legend Podcast

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