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  • Where Authors and Fans connect to form a supportive community like no other
  •  Regular postings and engagements to help encourage, support and grow with one another


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  • A spinoff of the bestselling book, The Lemonade Stand
  • Platform for women to be heard, share their stories, and to celebrate success. 


  • Exclusive interviews with Authors, Entrepreneurs, Partners and Collaborators 
  • Authenticity like you've never heard before. A real way to connect with the people you want to know
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  • Home of the best seller, The Lemonade Stand! 
  • Whether you want to write a chapter, write a book or want to make an undeniable impact with the marketing of your self-published work, This is where you need to be.
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Workshops & Webinars

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  • Workshops designed with developing your unique story in mind
  • Webinars created by Michelle and her team to transfer her knowledge into step by step instructions to connect with your story and get it ready for the literary world


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  • Coming This Fall on ZondraTV! Available on 3 Roku Channels, BizVod, Amazon Fire & Amazon TV
  • Lemonade Life and Lemonade Leaders are dedicated to females and authors to share the raw truth behind their stories!